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25. Exponential decay of intersection volume with applications on list-decodability and Gilbert-Varshamov type bound (with J. Kim, H. Liu), submitted, 24 pages.

24. Maximal 3-wise intersecting families (with K. Hendrey, B. Lund, C. Tompkins), submitted, 9 pages.

23. Majority dynamics on sparse random graphs (with D. Chakraborti, J. H. Kim, J. Lee), submitted, 18 pages.

22. The smallest singular value of random combinatorial matrices, submitted, 26 pages.

21. Erdos-Szekeres theorem for multidimensional arrays (with M. Bucic, B. Sudakov), submitted, 18 pages.

20. Two problems in graph Ramsey theory, submitted, 8 pages.

19. Unavoidable hypergraphs (with M. Bucic, N. Draganic, B. Sudakov), Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series B 151 (2021), 307-338

18. Balanced supersaturation for some degenerate hypergraphs (with J. Corsten), Journal of Graph Theory 97 (2021), 600-623.

17. Nearly-linear monotone paths in edge-ordered graphs (with M. Bucic, M. Kwan, A. Pokrovskiy, B. Sudakov, A. Z. Wagner), Israel Journal of Mathematics 238 (2020), 663-685.

16. Dense induced bipartite subgraphs in triangle-free graphs (with M. Kwan, S. Letzter, B. Sudakov), Combinatorica  40 (2020), 283-305.

15. Anticoncentration for subgraph statistics (with M. Kwan, B. Sudakov), Journal of the London Mathematical Society 99 (2019), 757-777.

14. Colouring set families without monochromatic k-chains (with S. Das, R. Glebov, B. Sudakov), Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A 168 (2019), 84-119.

13. On the separation conjecture in Avoider-Enforcer games (with M. Bednarska-Bzdega, O. Ben-Eliezer, L. Gishboliner), Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series B 138 (2019), 41-77.


12. Structure and supersaturation for intersecting families (with J. Balogh, S. Das, H. Liu, M. Sharifzadeh), Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 26(2) (2019), P2.34, 38 pages.


11. A note on the minimum number of edges in hypergraphs with property O (with G. Kronenberg, C. Kusch, A. Lamaison, P. Micek),  European Journal of Combinatorics 81 (2019), 172-177.


10. The local limit of the uniform spanning tree on dense graphs (with J. Hladky, A. Nachmias), Journal of Statistical Physics 173 (2018), 502-545. Special Issue on Complex Networks. 


9. On the structure of large sum-free sets of integers, Israel Journal of Mathematics 228 (2018), 249-292.

8. Minimum saturated families of sets (with M. Bucic, S. Letzter, B. Sudakov), Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 50 (2018), 725-732.

7. Colourings without monochromatic disjoint pairs (with D. Clemens, S. Das), European Journal of Combinatorics 70 (2018), 99-124.

6. A Density Turán Theorem (with L. Narins), Journal of Graph Theory 85 (2017), 496-524. 

5. Removal and Stability for Erdos-Ko-Rado (with S. Das), SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 30 (2016), 1102-1114.

4. Creating cycles in Walker-Breaker games (with D. Clemens), Discrete Mathematics 339 (2016), 2113-2126.

3. Keeping Avoider's graph almost acyclic (with D. Clemens, J. Ehrenmüller, Y. Person), Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 22(1) (2015), P1.60, 12 pages.

2. Extremal edge polytopes (with G. M. Ziegler), Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 21(2) (2014), P2.57, 16 pages.

1. Equality of ordinary and symbolic powers of Stanley-Reisner ideals (with N. V. Trung), Journal of Algebra 328 (2011), 77-93.


Other writings

1. Trần Mạnh Tuấn, László Lovász, đồng chủ nhân giải Abel 2021, Thông Tin Toán học (Newsletter of the Vietnamese Mathematical Society) 25.1 (2021), 11-13.


Jozsef BaloghMalgorzata Bednarska-Bzdega, Omri Ben-Eliezer, Matija Bucic (4), Debsoumya ChakrabortiDennis Clemens (3), Shagnik Das (4), Nemanja DraganicJulia Ehrenmüller, Lior Gishboliner, Kevin HendreyJan Hladky, Jaehoon KimJeong Han KimGal Kronenberg, Chris Kusch, Matthew Kwan (3), Ander Lamaison, Joonkyung LeeShoham Letzter (2), Hong Liu (2), Ben LundPiotr Micek, Asaf Nachmias, Lothar Narins, Yury Person, Alexey Pokrovskiy, Maryam Sharifzadeh, Benny Sudakov (7), Casey TompkinsNgo Viet Trung, Adam Zsolt Wagner, Günter M. Ziegler.